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We are dedicated to creating traffic-generating television and radio ads.
Sound, color, photography and other elements are all enhanced and amplified
throughout the production process to captivate and motivate buyers.

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Our creative team combines expertise in positioning and branding with cutting-edge graphic design. We are intimately familiar with client identities and coop regulations.

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Who are We?

who is digiCre8tive Inc

We are digiCre8tive Inc.
A digital media and advertising agency operating out of beautiful sunny South Florida.

What we do?

What we do

We focus exclusively on the retail automotive industry. Servicing dealerships nation wide offering both Traditional and Digital advertising.

How we do it?


We provide effective top quality and affordable marketing tools that will showcase your dealership.

TV | Radio | Print | Web

Why we do it?

why we do it

We enjoy our client satisfaction. Our over all goal is to increase profit margins and market share and bring traffic to your dealership.

TV Commercials

Automotive TV Commercials
Engage the buyer with High Definition TV Commercials.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design
Make clever simple and simple clever. Get your message across.

Video Production

In-House Video Production to accommodate your needs.

Web Marketing

Be shared and reached by many. Get the message in front of the right buyer.

Radio Advertising

Cut through the clutter! With Cuting Edge Radio Advertising.


High quality printing with a hassle-free and convenient experience at a competitive price.